Clothes - Zestaw Kartoników do nauki słownictwa - Szablon angielski

all the rage open-necked
anorak outfit
apron pants
artificial fibre petticoat
back to front plain
badly-dressed pocket
baggy polo-necked
bath-robe polyester
bathing suit pyjamas
bead ribbon
belt ring
blouse round-necked
bow tie rubber boot
bra scarf
braces scruffy
briefs shabby
buckle shawl
button shoes
cap short-sleeved
cardigan shorts
casual silk
chain skimpy
checked sleeve
chic sleeveless
cloak slippers
close-fitting smart
cloth socks
clothes sole
coat spotted
collar stocking
corduroy strap
costume striped
cotton suede
cuff sweater
denim swimming trunks
designer clothes swimsuit
dinner-jacket T-shirt
dress tailcoat
dressing-gown tartan
dressy tie
dungarees tight
earrings tights
elegant to button up
evening dress to dress
fashionable to dress down
fibre to dress up
flies to dress up as
frills to fit
frumpy to grow up
gloves to lace up
handbag to let down
handkerchief to let out
hat to match
heel to put on
hem to suit
high-heeled to take in
hood to take off
inside out to take up
jacket to try on
jeans to unbutton
jewellery to undo
jumper to undress
kerchief to wear
knee-length to zip up
knickers trainers
lace trendy
laces trousers
leather tuxedo
leg umbrella
linen underpants
long johns underwear
long-sleeved V-necked
loose velvet
lycra vest
material wedding dress
messy-looking wedding ring
mittens well-dressed
necklace wellingtons
nightie wool
nylon woollen
odd wristband
Old-fashioned zip