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Crime and Law - Zestaw Kartoników do nauki słownictwa - Szablon angielski

abuse perjury
alibi pickpocketing
apeal piracy
arson plea
arsonist poacher 
assasin poaching
assassination prison
assualt probation officer
bail proof 
barrister prosecutor
blackmail punishment
blackmailer ransom
booty rape
break-in raper
bribery sexual abuse
burglar shoplifter
burglary  shoplifting
capital punishment smuggler
carjacking smuggling
case Supreme Court
chief justice testimony
civil court  the defence
conviction the dock
corruption the High Court
court the prosecution
court of apeal theft
courthous to abrogate a law
courtroom to accuse
crime to acquit
criminal code to annul a marrige 
death penalty to apeal
deposition to appear in court
diminished responsibility to award custody to
discrimination to be in custody
drink-driving to be robbed
driving ban to bend rules
electric chair to burgle
embezzlement to charge 
embezzler to commit  perjury
evidence  to commit a crime
eyewitness to contravene
fine to convict
frogery to embezzle
guilty to grant custody to
harassment to harass
hearing to impeach a president
hijacker to indict
hijacking to infringe 
impeachment to joyride
indictment to kidnap
innocent to launder money
jail to lodge an appeal
joyrider to lose the case
joyriding to murder
judge to overturn a verdict
juror to pass sentence 
jury to pervert
justice to pervert the course of justice
kidnapper to plead guilty
kidnapping to plead not guilty
killer to prosecute
law  to quash
lawsuit to release from prison
lawyer to return a verdict
legal to set a precedent
life imprisonment to shoplift
loot  to smuggle
manslaughter to steal 
money launderer to sue sb
money laundering to trespass
mugger to try
mugging to uphold a verdict
murder to win the case
murderer to witness
oath trespass
offence trial
offender tribunal
on-the-spot fine vandal
parking ticket vandalism
penalty verdict
perjurer wheel clamp 

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